Teachers demanded for the MPO to starve to death

Teachers demanded for the MPO to starve to death.The agitating teachers and employees have begun agitation on hunger strike as talks with Education Minister Dipu Moni on the issue of private educational institution MPO were not fruitful. On Monday, a group of teachers and staff of the educational institute, which was not MPO, appeared before the National Press Club. The teachers and employees of those institutions receive basic salary and some allowances from the government.

Teachers and employees have started a protest from Tuesday demanding the MPO to meet all the private educational institutions recognized by the new rules and meet with the Prime Minister. Although the Amran hunger strike was scheduled to start from last Friday, a delegation of teachers of the movement met with the education minister at the International Mother Language Institute in Segunbagicha on Sunday night.

However, the Education Minister said that according to the current policy, the list of MPOs has been finalized this year. In this case, there is no opportunity for inclusion of any new educational institute. However, the existing policy changes will be made according to MPO every year from now on. The teachers announced the start of the fast, without assuring the education minister.

According to the announcement today, the teachers and employees of Amrun started. In front of the National Press Club in the afternoon, it was observed that a section of the protesting teachers and staff were starving. Another part is keeping the location program.

Golam Mahmoodunnabi, president of the Non-MPO Education Federation Teachers-Employees Federation along with other teachers, and general secretary Vinay Bhushan Roy, are also starving. Golam Mahmudunnabi said their movement will continue till the demands are met.

In the last 20, 1,012 educational institutions were MPOs. Since then, teachers and employees have been protesting for MPO’s demand.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education said that the announcement of the new MPO has been finalized. Very soon the government will announce the name of the MPO-affiliated education institute. Earlier on Tuesday, Education Minister Dipu Moni will hold a meeting with media representatives on the issue.


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